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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m already enrolled in an E-ZPass commercial vehicle program through another agency but want to sign up with the PA Turnpike to receive discounts?

If youíre already enrolled in an E-ZPass program through another agency, you should choose option CVO3 or CVO4 on the commercial business application. Your annual usage on the PA Turnpike must be at least $5,000. Both options allow you to take advantage of discounts. 

The CVO4 option is for current E-ZPass agency customers who want additional E-ZPass transponders through the PA Turnpike. 

See the application (PDF) for details, print and send it to:

Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
700 South Eisenhower Blvd.
Attn: Accts Rec - CVO
Middletown, PA 17057

What if I’m a new commercial customer?

Click here for enrollment information.

Will I have to prepay tolls like passenger vehicles, or will the program have a postpaid option?

Both options exist. Please review all types of commercial accounts (CVO1, CVO2, MOTORH, CVO3, and CVO4) to decide which is best for you and your organization.

Prepaid/Postpaid (CVO1)
This account is for customers not currently enrolled in any other E-ZPass program, that travel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and other E-ZPass roadways, that want postpaid billing, and who may qualify for toll volume discounts.

Prepaid Only - No Invoice - (CVO2)
This account is for commercial vehicle customers not currently enrolled in any other E-ZPass program that do not qualify for toll volume discounts or do not want to post surety.

MOTORH (Prepaid)
This account offers a prepaid option for non-commercial customers registering an RV weighing over 15,000 pounds who are not currently enrolled in any other E-ZPass Program.

Companion (CVO3)
This account is for customers with existing accounts with other E-ZPass agencies that want postpaid billing and who may qualify for toll volume discounts.

Companion Plus (CVO4)
This account is for customers with existing accounts with other E-ZPass agencies that want postpaid billing, may qualify for toll volume discounts, and want to purchase Pennsylvania Turnpike transponders.

Government (GOV1)
Government agencies wishing to establish an E-ZPass account with the PA Turnpike should call the Customer Service Center at 1.877.PENNPASS (1.877.736.6727) for more details.

Click here for a full description of each account option.

How does the Turnpike classify commercial vehicles and charge tolls?

The PA Turnpike classifies vehicles and charges tolls based on gross vehicle weight, distance traveled and number of axles. Visit the toll mileage calculator on our website for details.

How do I qualify for the volume discount program?

Commercial vehicle account holders who frequently travel the Pennsylvania Turnpike and meet volume requirements for their travel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike may be eligible for discounts on their tolls. These volume discounts provide substantial savings to commercial carriers. Prepaid only accounts are not eligible for volume discounts.

Discount Schedule
Amount of Monthly Tolls Discount Provided*
$10,000.00 and up* 5%

In order to take advantage of any eligible discount, payment must be received by the 24th of each month. Discounts will not be allowed if an account has an unpaid balance.

* values subject to change

What fees are involved?

Effective November 1, 2009, $.50 will be charged for each transponder to which a transaction is posted during a given month. There will be no service fee for those transponders that were not used in that month.

What types of transponders are available?

The PTCís Commercial Vehicle Program requires the purchase of E-ZPass transponders. The information on transponder types is provided to assist you in purchasing the correct transponder for your vehicle.

Interior mount transponders must be purchased at a cost of $10* plus sales tax where applicable. This transponder can be mounted in the interior of most cars and trucks.

Motorcycle transponders must be purchased at a cost of $17* plus sales tax where applicable. This transponder is physically similar to the interior transponder, but has a conformal coating to protect against exposure to the elements.

Bumper mount transponders must be purchased at a cost of $17* plus sales tax where applicable. These transponders are for vehicles with special features (i.e. heating elements, metallic oxides, and some tints) that have been installed in or on the windshield preventing the transponder signal from being read. You may be able to confirm whether or not your vehicle is equipped with any of these features by contacting your dealer.

Roof mount transponders must be purchased at a cost of $17* plus sales tax where applicable. This transponder is designed for applications where line-of-sight is an issue and/or an out-of-reach mounting arrangement is desired. This transponder is typically used on heavy trucks and buses.

If you have any questions regarding the use of any of the transponders listed, please call the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission Customer Service Center at 1.877.PENNPASS (1.877.736.6727).

Once an application has been received and processed by the PTC, it should take approximately 4 weeks for the customer to receive their transponder(s).

Transponders cannot be transferred, assigned, sold, or otherwise provided to any other individual or entity without the express written consent of the PTC.

Transponders are non-refundable and non-returnable. However, the services associated with the transponders may be discontinued by the PTC at any time.

Commercial vehicle customers agree to dispose of transponders according to local and/or state regulations. If you need assistance in disposing transponders that were issued to you by the PTC, you may send them to the PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center for proper disposal. Send your E-ZPass transponders along with a letter on company letterhead giving us the authorization to dispose of your transponders:

PTC E-ZPass Customer Service Center
Attn: Commercial Vehicle Operations
7631 Derry Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111

The letter should include the specific transponder numbers and be signed by an authorized contact on the E-ZPass account. It is highly recommended that when sending your transponders to us that you use a method than can provide proof of delivery. In addition, to prevent your transponders from being read during delivery, we recommend that you enclose the transponders in the original silver packaging that was provided with your transponders or wrap the transponders in aluminum foil.

* values subject to change

How are monthly invoices provided?

Invoices are mailed monthly to all accounts. The invoice lists a total of all charges for transactions on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the total discount available and the net due if received by the 24th of each month. Payments not received by the 24th of each month will result in the loss of any discount for that month. Discounts will not be allowed if an account has an unpaid balance. Those accounts that did not earn a discount must pay their invoice within 30 days of the date of the invoice. Payments received after the 30 day due date will be assessed a late fee of 1.5%* per month on any unpaid balance. Delinquent accounts may be subject to suspension of their credit privileges.

What transaction details are available?

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission provides all commercial vehicle accounts with a detailed record of their EZPass charges via the Internet free of charge. This service helps companies maintain records of business expenses and monitor EZPass usage. Online accounts are password protected.

Pennsylvania Turnpike transactions are typically posted within 2-3 business days. Out of state transactions are posted as soon as they are received.

The following information is provided each month:

  • The individual transponder number
  • The vehicle class
  • The entry interchange
  • The entry date and time
  • The exit interchange
  • The exit date and time
  • The amount of the fare

Transactions are sorted by transaction dates. Statements show both transaction and posting dates. The information may be viewed, printed out, or downloaded into the companyís own computer system. Transactions are available for viewing for 120 days. Please retain your monthly statement information for year-end purposes.

Optional printed monthly statements are available at a cost based on the number of transponders on the account ($10.00 for 1-50 transponders, $15.00 for 51-100 transponders, and $20,00 for more than 100 transponders.)

How do I know my E-ZPass transponder has been read?

You will notice what looks like a traffic signal in every E-ZPass lane. They are called feedback signals, and they indicate the status of your transaction. When your E-ZPass transponder is read, the light will turn green.

If you do not receive a green signal, please continue through the lane, do not stop.

No feedback or green signal is displayed at E-Zpass Express lanes (e.g. at Warrendale, Mid-County and Gateway)

How can I dispute a toll that has been charged to my E-ZPass account?

First, please check to ensure that your E-ZPass transponder is mounted properly on your windshield. Those customers whose transponders are mounted improperly may be charged the full fare. To dispute a toll, please complete a Form 33-11B - E-ZPass Customer Claim Report (PDF version) and forward it to the E-ZPass Customer Service Center.


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