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Route 903 All-Electronic Interchange (AEI) Project

Mid-Day Traffic Stoppages at Milepost A87 Beginning June 24
Motorists traveling on the Northeastern Extension (I-476) north from Mahoning Valley (Exit #74) and south from Pocono (Exit #95) will experience slow-moving traffic paces and stoppages for about two months beginning June 24 for controlled blasting operations at Milepost A87. The traffic restrictions will take place on Mondays through Thursdays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Traffic paces and one stoppage of up to 20 minutes are needed to safely complete blasting operations without jeopardizing worker and motorist safety. The daytime blast is scheduled around 12 p.m. but may be conducted anytime from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Turnpike Maintenance personnel and Pennsylvania State Police will stop motorists traveling northbound at the Mahoning Valley Interchange (Exit #74) and southbound at the Pocono Interchange (Exit #95) then begin a slow-moving traffic pace (approximately 25 mph), bringing traffic to a complete stop northbound at milepost A85 and southbound at milepost A89 in advance of the blast zone. Motorists leaving the Hickory Run Service Plaza to continue northbound on I-476 will be stopped on the ramp.

Stony Mountain Road Closes June 24
A portion of Stony Mountain Road near the construction of the Turnpike’s new Route 903 All-Electronic Interchange (AEI) will be closed to traffic and detoured for about 15 months beginning June 24.

Posted detour routes will direct traffic onto Old Stage Road and to State Route 903 north of the work area.

General Travel Advisory
Motorists on Route 903 in Penn Forest Township, Carbon County, will encounter periodic single lane conditions approaching the Turnpike overpass through the end of the year on Mondays through Fridays from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The Project
Construction is under way to build the new Route 903 All-Electronic Interchange (AEI) that will allow entry to and exit from the Northeastern Extension (I-476) in Penn Forest Township, Carbon County. Located between the Mahoning Valley (Exit 74) and Pocono (Exit 95) interchanges, the E-ZPass Only (new Exit 87) facility will shorten travel times for commuters; help ease traffic congestion at neighboring interchanges and on local roads; and provide additional access to nearby recreational areas.

The Route 903 AEI will be an unstaffed interchange built exclusively for use by E-ZPass customers. Phase 1 -- a design-build contract to construct one-half of the new Route 903 bridge -- was completed in 2010. This partial structure was built to allow traffic to remain on Route 903 without a detour during construction of the new toll facility and access ramps. Phase 2 is a conventional construction contract and will include all remaining and necessary work to complete this new point of access. Additional work includes widening the existing Route 903 roadway to accommodate one northbound through lane, two southbound through lanes and left turn lanes for traffic entering I-476 from Route 903.


Rt. 903 AEI Construction to Close a Portion of Stony Mountain Road
Detour tentatively scheduled to start June 24 in Penn Forest Township, Carbon County.

Project Summary

Project Summary:
Construction of an E-ZPass-only exit along the Northeastern Extension between existing Mahoning Valley (#74) and Pocono (#95) interchanges.

Construction Start:
Spring 2013

Construction Completion:
Fall 2014

Project Total:
Approximately $23 million.