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Total Reconstruction MP 67 to 75: Current Construction

The work for Roadway and Bridge Reconstruction between MP 67.27 to MP 75.69 started January 2006 and was completed November 2011. This eight mile stretch of highway was part of the original PA Turnpike constructed in 1939. When opened to traffic in 1939 the Turnpike only extended from Irwin to Carlisle. As part of the total reconstruction the roadway has been widened to a total of six travel lanes from the original four lanes, shoulders have been widened to 12 feet and the median has been widened to 26 feet from the original 10 feet. In order to provide space for the additional lanes and to increase the length of the deceleration lane for the eastbound exit lane at New Stanton (Exit 75) the Hempfield Service Plaza, which served eastbound traffic at Milepost 74.7 in Hempfield Township, Westmoreland County, was closed permanently in January, 2007. In addition, in order to improve two sharp curves, a stretch of the original Turnpike mainline between Milepost 70 and Milepost 72 was reconstructed on a new alignment.

Other aspects of the project included a redesign of surface drainage and the construction of multiple storm water management ponds; replacement of overhead bridges carrying Greensburg Road (Pa. Route 136), Glenn Fox Road and Eisaman Road; replacement of bridges carrying I-76 over Liberty Hill Road; relocation of a 600-foot stretch of Eisaman Run; and construction of a new culvert over Little Sewickley Creek within the realignment area. In addition, Seanor Church Road (State Route 3075) in Hempfield Township, which the Turnpike originally crossed over, has been relocated to instead cross over I-76 on a new overhead bridge.

As part of a separate project, Center Avenue has been realigned between Arona Road and Westinghouse Drive. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation District 12 has constructed a new over head bridge which was opened to traffic in January 2008 and as a result, the narrow Center Avenue underpass between Arona Road and New Stanton has been eliminated.

During the 2006 construction season the overhead bridge that carries Madison Road at Milepost 72.54 was replaced with a new structure. During the 2007 construction season, the bridge that carries Wendel Road at Milepost 67.71 was replaced with a new structure. Also, during the 2007 construction season the New Stanton Interchange and Toll Plaza were reconstructed. All ramps have been widened and all pavements replaced. In addition a portion of mainline between MP74.25 to MP 75.69 was completely reconstructed. As part of this work the bridge that carries the Turnpike over Wentsler Avenue was also reconstructed.

During the 2008 construction season the bridge that carries SR 0136 (Greensburg Road) at Milepost 70.43 over the turnpike and the bridge that carries Glenn Fox Road at Milepost 74.24 over the turnpike were both replaced. This work was completed in November 2008.

Beginning in mid 2008 and extending to the end of 2009, the grading and excavation work was completed on the off line portion to re-align the original turnpike between Milepost 70 and 72. As part of this same contract, the realignment of Seanor Church Road and the new bridge carry Seanor Church Road over the turnpike were also constructed.

The final phase of the work required the reconstruction of the travel lanes between Milepost 74 and 67. This work started in early 2009 and was completed in November 2011. As part of this work, active construction zones were required between MP67 and 73. The construction of the retaining and noise walls required to accommodate the widened roadway began in early 2009 and was completed in late 2010. In addition to the walls, the existing bridge over the turnpike at Eisaman Road was replaced, again to accommodate the widened roadway. In early 2011 traffic was switched to the newly reconstructed outside travel lanes so that the Contractor could re-build the center lanes between Mile Post 68 and 70. This phase was completed November 2011. The Irwin interchange will not be reconstructed as part of this project. However, PTC recently started the design work required for the total reconstruction of the turnpike between Irwin and Monroeville. Expect construction in this area to begin within the next four to five years. See project photos under completed construction for before and after photos of the turnpike between Irwin and New Stanton.